November 20, 2015
Stanton DeFreitas is a competent and successful businessman who works on issues of significance to global companies and endeavors. He possesses a wealth of experience in the world of international business and is the first place that numerous groups, organizations, and companies seek out when they need some advice or support on how to move forward. Stanton DeFreitas displays a distinct understanding of how international business works and likes possessing the ability to help businesses improve upon their operations.

Stanton DeFreitas spent his youth in a unique state of affairs, as he was born in Canada, but was more than happy to observe his Caribbean background any chance that he got. DeFreitas grew up in Scarborough, which is a multicultural community in the East End of Toronto. It was quite beneficial to his private and work life to experience such a diversified community. On many occasions, Stephen DeFreitas was introduced to numerous traditions, languages, custom, and foods. Due to this, Stanton DeFreitas welcomed cultural differences from a young age and had a profound appreciation for diversity.

Stanton DeFreitas is not just an international businessman and entrepreneur. Defreitas hopes to be a writer who communicates with readers on a range of issues that he considers important. Stanton DeFreitas strongly believes his philosophy of inclusion and diversity is something numerous people could profit from and would like to help indvidiuals to get those rewards. Stanton DeFreitas has long been interested in worldwide travel, global sport, international current events, and fitness and well-being issues. These are subjects that affect every individual and which we could all stand to know more about.
March 26, 2015
Stanton DeFreitas is someone who appreciates every kind of culture from all over the world. He does not let any particular culture try to claim the monopoly on fun, truth, or correctness. Indeed, Stanton DeFreitas has experienced so many different cultures and societies that he believes there is something in each of them that is worth learning from. Stanton DeFreitas was born and raised in Toronto, in a diverse neighborhood in the city's east end, and has always appreciated the diversity of the community in which he was raised. This allowed him to be able to appreciate and celebrate differences between people and cultures.

Stanton DeFreitas was lucky to be able to learn this lesson from an early age thanks to how he was brought up. However, it has benefited him as an adult, too. He is an international businessman today and been able to further his career because of his ability to respect, admire, and celebrate other cultures. Stanton DeFreitas also harbors an ambition to be a writer or author. He wants to be able to share his thoughts with a readership who will actually care about those views. Central to what he wants to write about is how international and cross-cultural experiences help everyone involved.